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Download 2019 Club Regulations for Motorcycles


  Footrest Assembly Secure
  No Crash Damage Or Welded Footrests Or Mounting Brackets
  Nylon Or Other Foot Peg Ends With Minimum 8mm Radius
  Shift Linkage Secure
  Axle Nuts and Pinch Bolts Secure, Axles Fitted With Split Pin, R Clip Or Locknuts
  Handle Bars Secure, No Crash Damage And Fitted With Rounded Bar Ends
  Lock To Lock Movement Free And No Obstruction From Bodywork
  Throttle Self Closes
  Exhaust – Must Be Firmly Attached, Springs


  Sump Plug, Oil Filter Cap and Oil Filter Lockwired
  No Oil Leaks Present
  No Crash Damage On Side Covers
  No Breather Pipe Venting To The Atmosphere

 Brakes and Controls

  Front Calliper Bolts Lockwire
  Front Brake Pad Pins Secures Or Lockwire, R Clip Secured If Used
  Front Brake Lever Pivot Bolt Secure And Fitted With Lock Nut
  Rear Brake Operates As It Should
  Ball Ends On Clutch And Brake Levers


  Log Book
  Eco Mat (1.6m X 1m)
  Motorcycle Clean And Presentable
  Race Number To Size And Clearly Visible
  Shark Fin Fitted
  Chain Adjustment To Specifications – Guard Correctly Attached
  Fuel Tank – Firmly Attached And Line Secure
  Front Wheel – Bearings, Locknuts – No Play
  Seat – No Cracks, Firmly Secured


  Helmet – D-Ring Type
  One Piece Leather Suit
  Fire Extinguisher Per Rider

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